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Angang high-strength steel orders set a new record

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"This batch of high-strength steel has fast delivery speed and excellent quality. It is worthy of being produced by Angang!" On September 23, feedback from Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery customers who received a whole order from Shenhua 8.8m hydraulic support give fully affirmed to outstanding "Angang speed" and "Angang quality".

In June 2020, Anyang Iron and Steel successfully accepted the entire order for the European standard high-strength steel required by Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery's 8.8-meter hydraulic support. The 17,410 tons of steel were exclusively supplied by Anyang Iron and Steel. The proportion of high-end products in the order has further increased, and 12,000 tons of heat treatment are required for delivery. It can be described as high efficiency and high efficiency. It has created the most complete order supply of Angang, with high value, large total volume, and good efficiency. Pivotal. The successful acceptance of the entire order comes from the successful experience of undertaking a major global equipment project for the first time in 2017. He Angang adheres to the service-oriented steel strategy and continuously improves the service quality for customers.

Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group is a leading enterprise in domestic hydraulic support manufacturers and the world's largest manufacturer of hydraulic supports. The 8.8-meter support has the highest support height, work resistance, and support center distance in the world. It can be called the "world's first". Correspondingly, the quality requirements of steel products are higher, and the production organization and technical research are challenging. However, with the concerted efforts of the sales company, technical center, production safety department, and production units, it only took 54 days from the customer's order to the quality and quantity delivery at the end of August, which once again refreshed the "angang speed".

Angang high-strength steel orders set a new record

In 2017, Anyang Iron and Steel undertook a record of 7080 tons of European standard high-strength steel for the ultra-large mining height 8.8m hydraulic support of Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery. The strength of the high-strength steel required for this order has been increased from S460Q and S550Q to S690Q and S890Q series, involving a large number of new grades and new processes, and many technologies need to be re-evaluated. In the case of higher requirements for steel plate performance, surface quality and flatness, users have put forward more stringent "user standards" in terms of strength range, performance stability, and yield ratio.

"Take the flatness as an example, the European standard requires 13 mm per 2 meters, while the requirement for this batch of Zhengmei Machinery's orders is 5 mm per 2 meters. The composition design and parameter requirements are higher, which is a big challenge." Niu Jianghua, head of the high-strength plate product room of the steel sales company, introduced.

The sales company develops “customized” technical services, starting from the user’s technical department, explaining in detail the process differences of each brand, and formulating a complete set of solutions for the user. On the basis of reducing the loss of materials, it can also ensure that the production proceeds smoothly on schedule to deepen the trust and satisfaction of users. The high-strength bridge room of the technical center repeatedly tested and adjusted technical parameters to ensure that the batch of orders was technically foolproof. The Production Safety Department sorts out the order structure one by one to strengthen production guarantee. The second rolling mill meticulously formulated production and quality control plans, and strictly controlled process standardization to ensure stable production processes and qualified quality. The heat treatment line of the first rolling mill strengthens the "integration of operation and maintenance", strengthens the continuity of the production rhythm, and ensures efficient production.

The wonderful completion of the order fully confirms Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery's recognition and trust in Angang's product quality and delivery time. Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery's high-strength steel purchases account for almost 50% of the national coal mining companies, and the high-strength steel supplied by Angang to Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery has accounted for about 60% of the company's purchases. Mid-to-high-end high-strength steel has become Ansteel’s leading products. Under the unfavorable situation of the shrinking coal mining machinery industry, Ansteel's high-strength steel sheet is flying against the wind and continues to maintain its number one market share.

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