The tradition of group hunting is being upheld also today in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry. Before each hunt, the hunters will draw a shooter‘s number. The numbers are the shooting locations, which are changed in individual segments of the hunt. The aim is to rotate all hunters in various shooting locations. At the beginning of a hunt, each hunter is assigned two personnel:  a loader, who handles the guest’s rifle, counts and records the achieved shooting results after each hunting segment, and one assistant – so called carrier of cartridges. Their assistance is meant to enable the hunters to concentrate maximally on the hunt itself.

The whole day hunt usually consists of 6-7 hunting segments. The large number of hunting subdivisions in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry guarantees that no hunt is repeated during a several day long stay of the hunting party. 

There is no minimum number of hunters required. The limiting threshold is a minimum daily bag of 300 pheasants. At the request of a hunting party, hunts with a daily bag in excess of 3000 pheasants can be arranged. The ideal size of a hunting party in the local conditions is 5-10 hunters. The average daily bag of a hunting party in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry ranges from 1000 to 1500 pheasants.

Refreshments are being served on laid tables during the breaks between the hunts.

The culmination of each hunt is the final display of pheasants. They are arranged in traditional ornaments, which are intended to pay respect to the kill and to present it. The presentation is accompanied by ceremonial sounds of horns.


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