The present size of the Šilheřovice Pheasantry is 2,500 hectares. It can be divided, as in the past, into four individual parts, namely Štípky, Juliánka, Vodnáč and Davídka. Compared with the past, some significant changes have occurred in the way the pheasants are hunted in the hunting-grounds. The intensive hunting of pheasants in the flat section of the Pheasantry called Vodnác has been abandoned and the hunting is now taking place in the remaining parts of the Pheasantry, which offer more demanding conditions for hunting in a rugged terrain without special forest and spatial adjustments. That evokes in hunters a feeling of hunting in a natural environment without artificially created hunting subdivisions. Such hunting – in a rugged terrain – along with the high quality of the game, offers demanding shooting at high flying pheasants.  As a result, the overall experience of the hunt should meet expectations even of the most demanding and sharp-shooting hunters, who visit our hunting-grounds.

There are currently 18 hunting subdivisions in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry, which are used for hunting for pheasants, most of them situated in a rugged terrain. 

The quality of pheasants has always been a very important aspect of the pheasant breeding in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry in its more than 150 years long history.  All production of pheasants comes from our own breeding facilities. The emphasis is put above all on the health condition of pheasants, as well as their overall development and ability to adapt to relatively harsh conditions of life in the wild.

Besides pheasants, the guests can currently hunt in the hunting-grounds for deer, fallow-deer and wild boars. The physical conditions of the hunting-ground provide an excellent environment for deer and fallow-deer breeding. The Šilheřovice Phaesantry offers also so called combinational hunts. They last for several days and consist of hunting for pheasants combined with hunting for wild-boars. Deer, fallow-deer and wild-boar hunting is considered to be an enrichment of hunting experience of the guests of the Šilheřovice Pheasantry, who come to hunt for pheasants every year.


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