The forests and fields of the Šilheřovice country estate, including the park, encompassed in the past a 4,000 hectare large contiguous and fenceless game preserve with large numbers of deer, hairs, wild rabbits, quails and pheasants. Farming and forestry was subordinated to hunting.

A system of group hunting of furred and feathered game, such as hairs, wild rabbits, pheasants and quail, was gradually introduced, improved and refined. 

The project of the Ossicina Pheasantry in Štípky, which was developed in 1851 by forester Exner at the request of the owner of the country estate, Mr. Schalomon Meyer Rothschild, serves as an evidence of broadminded plans of the founder in introduction of pheasant breeding in the hunting-grounds.  Complex systems of group hunting were developed and introduced in individual parts of the Pheasantry.

The forest composition and spatial layout of the forests were subordinated to breeding of pheasants, all with a goal to create a varied mosaic of trees in the main centers of the Pheasantry by alternating low-growth plants with clusters of spruce and broad-leaved trees. These silvicultural measures were intended to increase the carrying capacity of the biotope, increase the area of cover for pheasants, create more diverse opportunities for hunting and increase the demandingness of shooting.

The Rothschild family managed the Šilheřovice forests until 1938. During the World War II, the whole region became a part of the German Reich and the Šilheřovice country estate was transferred under sequestration. After the WWII and as a result of the land reform, the forests fell under the administration of the Czechoslovak State Forests.

The Šilheřovice Forest, also known as the Black Forest, in which the Pheasantry is located, was in the past a part of the Šilheřovice country estate. Since the end of the 14th century until 1842, the estate was owned by several landlords.

In 1846, the estate was acquired by Schalomon Meyer of the Rothschild family. The arrival of the Rothschilds in Šilheřovice brought about a fundamental change in the management and use of the estate.

The Rothschilds started to develop a unique agro-forestry production complex, integrating rational and profitable land management with a care for cultural, aesthetic and harmonious landscape.


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