Supporting services are an important part of hunting in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry. They are provided on the basis of mutual agreement with individual clients and are aimed at creating an environment of maximum comfort and satisfaction for our hunting guests.

The hunting parties usually stay in the Golf St. John Hotel (“Hotel Golf u svateho Jana”), which is located directly in the hunting-grounds of the Šilheřovice Pheasantry.  

Lunches are served during, or after the hunt, either in the hunting-grounds at the hunting lodge of Šťípky, or, at the request of the hunting party in a hunting-seat/castle, which is located also in the Šilheřovice Pheasantry.

The transportation of the hunting party from the place of their accommodation to the hunting grounds and back, as well as the transportation of the guests during the hunt is provided by the company free of charge.


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