We present to our hunting guests a brief history of our region and the establishment and development of the Šilheřovice Pheasantry. Our aim is to bring to your attention the efforts, skills and diligence of our ancestors, with which they shaped the local landscape and imprinted a new socio-cultural use in it, including new hunting traditions.

The Šilheřovice Pheasantry is located 9 kilometers from the City of Ostrava, a well-known industrial and social centre of the Czech Republic. The Pheasantry was founded in 1852 by the Rothschild family. For almost one century, until 1945 the Šilheřovice Pheasantry was a property of this banking family, with whose name an enormous industrial and economic development of the whole of the Ostrava region is associated, the coal mining and steel making, in particular.

The size of the Šilheřovice Pheasantry is 2,500 hectares. The annual harvest of pheasants is around 40,000.  A total of 16 subdivisions are currently being used for hunting of pheasants, most of them situated in a broken terrain offering hunting guests a demanding shooting at high flying pheasants.

 Besides pheasants, hunting for deer/roebucks, fallow-deer and wild boars is also available in the local hunting grounds, being carried out individually with an assistance of a hunting guide. Wild boars can be hunted also during group hunts. Šilheřovice is a picturesque area full of beautiful natural scenery and historical landmarks, such as a classicist chateau with a number of Victorian style structures. In Šilheřovice, you can find also a landscaped park with a hunting-seat/castle.

We are convinced that our region will remain in the future a harmonious complex sought after by domestic and foreign lovers of hunting.


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